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How to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, and Keep it Off

The gaining weight philosophy of many athletic coaches and trainers is wrong. Too often coaches advise that their players simply need gain weight to improve their performance. This advice normally leads to the development of vital organ failure, diabetes, and sports injury.

Often this same advice is given when the sports the athletes participate in are physically agressive. A good example of this would be American Football. Once a player hears the firmly offered advice to gain weight, he or she will often times overeat or overtrain to acheive the poorly slected goal. The coach has the right idea regarding physical improvement but the method is dead wrong.

The perfect approach to maintaining hydration

In order to help an athlete along with his or her bodyweight, a basic understanding of human nutrition is needed. The first factor coaches and athletes need to understand is adeuqacy in hydration. Heat stroke, and severe dehydration can be fatal and avoided at all costs.

The elements of sodium and potassium are made naturally by the human body. Sodium is commonly known as salt and your body makes enough of it on its own. This means you do not have to add any salt to anything, at any time, for the rest of your life. When you add more salt, it requires water to work. When you deplete yourself of the water you need, you are hurting yourself, and possilby placing yourself in danger. Reach for the pepper if you need a taste burst because it aids in speeding digestion.

Potassium is different in the way that your body does not make enough of it to be self sufficient. You need to carefully add this element by natural means to get the desired effect. A banana is the perfect solution for adding the electrolyte into the mix. This represents a natural means of electrolyte adding with the addition of fructose. Fructose is the natural sugar within fruits.

Gatorade is also a solution to the electrolyte depletion situation but it represents a synthetic solution. Synthetic represents anything made in a laboratory. These synthetics are broken down slower by the human digestive system due to their chemical make up.

Basic rules for athletes and physical humans

1. Maintain hydration
2. Maintain electrolyte balance
3. Maintain a stable blood sugar level
4. Eat whole foods when hungry
5. Rest your body every day

Obtain and maintan a perfect bodyweight free from fat

All people should aim to achieve an optimal bodyweight for their body type. Anytime the word optimal is used, it simply means to the finest level for each particular person. Optimal bodyweight for an athlete is when there is a body dominated by muscle with little bodyfat and can be used for long durations of time. If you can pinch an inch you can lose some bodyfat. Bodyfat is necessary for insulation from extreme heat and cold but in small amounts.

Do I really need bodyfat?

As a general rule, bodyfat is bodyfat and will never change it's composition from bodyfat. Once you burn off the fat, muscle will become more apparent as a result. Fat does not become muscleand is a major myth in physical improvement. You should be able to see your abdominal muscles and your fitness level will be a direct indicator of that.

How can I lose weight and fat at the same time without drugs?

Optimal bodyweights can be achieved by the synergistic combination of daily cardiovascular exercise, physical conditioning, adequate nutrition, hydration, and consistent sleeping patterns. Keep in mind that an hour of complete rest is equal to that of sleep.

General rules of losing weight and fat.

1. A minimum of 30 minutes cardio exercise daily
2. Regulation of diet meaning eat when hungry
3. Maintain hydration at all times
4. Do not eat sugary foods, drinks, or snack products
5. Eat and live healthy to be healthy

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